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Cruise BagTags


We know you'll love these, as do so many other pople.
Cruise BagTags
Overall Rating Rating 4.6  |  181 reviews
Clear Plastic Cruise Luggage tag to suit Cruise Print-out
  • Saves the need to staple paper tags to luggage
  • Just fold the printed sheet,slide inside the Cruise BagTag and attach to luggage
  • Safe, Secure, Stateroom Details Visible

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What people say:

"Received my "tag holders" today - they will be much easier than using packing tape"

"Despite driving to the pier recently & with many, many staples and clear packing tape,several were nearly torn off going from the pier to our cabin.....there were about a dozen other pieces of “lost” luggage at the purser’s desk.
I can only assume that they used the paper tags.."

Don't let your luggage end up there!
Use Cruise BagTags for your luggage.

Watch our video below, Shop Online and Happy Cruising!





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